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Seborgo Rose Water Toner

 What is Rose Water Toner??


Floral ingredients are having a bit of a moment in the skin care world and none is currently more popular than Rose Water. Extracted from rose petals through steam distillation, this natural botanical oil/water hybrid is promising some impressive results for all skin types, so here is how it could work for you…


Why Natural Rosewater Toner Is Good for Your Skin

They say the goddess Cleopatra used rosewater as part of her beauty routine. Obviously, we cannot confirm that kind of rumour, but still — wouldn’t we all like to believe that an Egyptian queen used roses on her royal epidermis?

If you are wondering what rosewater is, exactly, it is the simplest of concepts. It’s rose petals steeped in purified water — fresh, natural, fragrant, and beneficial.

Besides being the ultimate in romantic, sensory bliss, roses have a wealth of benefits for your skin.

Here are a few of the ways the blooms in this natural facial toner can promote smooth, youthful looking skin:


What are the BENEFITS???

Rose Water for Oily, Acne-prone Skin


A common ingredient in make-up removing solutions and toners, Rose Water has well recognised anti-bacterial and anti-microbial benefits, meaning it helps minimise the number of harmful bacteria on the surface of the skin. It can also balance the skin’s pH and help to decongest blocked pores but most experts recommend acne sufferers avoid creams or lotions that contain high levels of Rose Water as it can cause the skin to over-produce oil which could lead to breakouts.

Rose Water for Dry, Dehydrated Skin


Rose petals contain natural essential oils and, when combined with water, they significantly boost the skin’s moisture levels. The natural sugars present in these petals also help to nourish dehydrated skin and soften dry patches, which is why Rose Water is a popular ingredient in post-shave treatments as it prevents the skin from becoming tight and uncomfortable due to moisture loss. Look for it in moisturising creams and facial mists that can be reapplied throughout the day.

Rose Water for Dull, Mature Skin


Rose Water is packed with natural antioxidants, so it is great for protecting and repairing cells within the skin. These properties have been shown to help strengthen weakened cells and reduce the amount of environmental damage done to elastin fibres, effectively plumping, and smoothing over areas of the skin showing the early signs of ageing. This ability to repair also restores a healthy youthful glow to tired, ageing skin plus the pleasant scent instantly revives the senses.

Rose Water for Sensitive, Redness-prone Skin


Some botanical extracts tend to aggravate sensitive skin, but Rose Water is incredibly gentle and safe for easily irritated complexions. It instantly calms stressed skin and tones down visible redness after just a few minutes, making it a great addition to post-cleansing toners and make-up removing solutions which can sometimes leave the skin looking angry and red. As it also strengthens weak cells, Rose Water can help to stabilise sensitive skin, making it less reactive.


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