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Distilled Rose Water Toner Hydrating Mist (100ml) - Seborgo

Distilled Rose Water Toner Hydrating Mist (100ml)

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Alcohol free distilled rose water is perfect for toning the skin, alcohol is known to dry the skin and can cause flare ups. This product is mild and gentle and does not contain alcohol, it leaves the skin hydrated and fresh.  100% organic and totally natural, this hydrating facial mist cools and tones your skin

Instructions for use:

Spray on face after cleansing to hydrate and tone uneven skin.


There are no colourants or fragrances used in this product. 

Skin types:

All skin types including sensitive skin


Aqua, Rosa, Polysilane 




Made in the UK 

Money back guarantee:

Were confident you will see healthier, revitalised skin in 30 days guaranteed or your money back.