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Seborgo Daily Moisturising Cream for Dry Skin

Seborgo Daily Moisturising Cream has been specially formulated for people who suffer from dry skin and related dry skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis. We wanted to develop a really hydrating emollient cream that would make skin feel soft smooth and supple, but was also kind to the skin and not have any chemicals that could potentially cause irritation or skin sensitivity.

We decided to make a cream that only had natural ingredients and no unnecessary ingredients such as fragrances or colourants. We wanted to ensure that the ingredients used in the cream were from sustainable resources and from suppliers who are ethical in the treatment of the farmers who grow the raw materials used in Seborgo creams and skin care products. 

We have ensured that the ingredient used are only plant based and that no animal or animal related processing steps have been used in the production of Seborgo skin care products, we are against animal testing and no animals will ever be used to test our products. We are proud to be a vegan brand. 

We also care about the environment and worry about the effects of global warming and green house gasses are having on our planet. We therefore have carefully selected our packaging to be derived from sugar cane. This means that to make a Seborgo tube it takes more Carbon Dioxide to make than what is released in its manufacture, therefore reducing the amount of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere. 

At the moment our sugar cane derived tubes are made from polyethylene plastic, which is not ideal, and we are currently looking for an alternative solution so that we can reduce the amount of plastic that we use. Our tubes are 100% recyclable. In the near future we hope to remove plastic from our packaging all together. 



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